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Larry Garrett CHT

Larry Garrett began his career in Hypnosis in 1970 at a time when hypnosis was not fully accepted. He did his training at The National Hypnotic Institute in 1968-69. He accomplished so any areas of health and emotional improvements in himself he decided to learn all he could and create a career to help others. He has helped thousands in many areas of improvement. If you think of what your goal is, he most likely has come across it. Without judgments he will gently lead you into an improvement you didn’t know was possible. The words he uses are, “Think of what you would like to feel or experience when you walk out of my office.” This is the goal of success, not necessarily the label you offer him. Imagine what you would like to accomplish! Any goal, habit control, emotional improvements, confidence, sleeping, public speaking, and more.

What kind of emotion, feeling or experience would you need to achieve for success with your goal? This is the direction he chooses to accomplish your goal. Often, we think we need to be told what to do, i.e., You should eat less to lose weight, smoking is bad for you. These are antiquated methods of hypnosis. Think of any goal you may choose for hypnosis. You already know what to do. You don’t need to be told. However, your subconscious mind is in conflict with your logic. This implies one part of you knows what to do and the other part of you chooses to not do it. Hypnosis with Larry Garrett will be to educate your emotional mind to match the desires of the logical mind. If you were to quiet your mind and evaluate your goal, you will begin to observe there is a part of you who might be comfortable with the inadequacies or habit. Sounds strange until you attempt to change it and experience resistance in your success. With the method Larry Garrett teaches you resistance is put aside. Even the areas of health related issues, there is a resistance called doubt which will hold you back. Hypnosis can release this resistance. Larry has gone through cancer treatment and in the process of healing his medical team found it amazing how quickly he had healed and became cancer free. His methods were adopted by some of the medical staff. Since this experience he has had excellent success teaching cancer patient’s methods of healing. This journey of his experience with cancer has taught him much in the areas of healing from serious issues. If you are suffering from a chronic issue with your physician’s approval call and discuss your health challenges. Most likely you will improve with the use of hypnosis and Larry’s methods. If you have attempted hypnosis in the past and met with little or no success think of hypnosis as a learning process, not a treatment. Even with health issues you will be surprised how just learning to not fear or feel helpless you will get better. If you were to take music lessons and the teacher was not able to reach you it doesn’t imply you can’t learn, you just might need a different teacher. In 50 years, Larry Garrett has never advertised and operates one of the largest hypnosis and wellness center in Chicago.

They say until you have walked in someone else’s shoes you can’t relate to them. Larry has worn many shoes the past 50 plus years. He has worked with most of the issues, individuals have needing improvement. Whatever your goal may be know he will have your best interest in mind and expect to leave the office on your way to success. Remember, there are no judgements made toward any issue. Larry is seldom if ever surprised by a request. There are few who have a goal he has not experienced.

Hypnosis is a creative art which allows each hypnotist to have their own style or procedure for a session. When you make an appointment with Larry you will sit and spend the amount of time you need to discuss your goal. Everyone needs a different amount of time to speak of their goal for success. Feel comfortable with whatever you need. There is no rush. Hypnosis cannot be rushed. It took many years to have a behavior and it will take a while to teach the mind to release it.

If you are interested in Larry’s background read the following;

Larry Garrett is a certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. (NGH).      He began his career in Hypnosis in 1968 trained by Fred Schiavo of The National Hypnosis Institute. His experiences in hypnosis have taken him into many parts of the world to assist others in life’s improvements with hypnosis. He taught the first course in an Illinois college first with Morton College in 1970 for 3 years and later in 1973 at Wright College where he taught for 26 years with a most successful class. He has assisted and trained many physicians in areas of medical applications of hypnosis. From 1974 until 1990, Larry traveled throughout the country lecturing and demonstrating the techniques of hypnosis at over 400 Colleges universities and High schools and over 5000 civic groups, clubs and other organizations that had an interest in hypnosis. He has been a regular presenter at Cancer groups for over 15 years. He has appeared on many radio and TV programs discussing and promoting the great accomplishments to be had using hypnosis and self- hypnosis. In 1976, he wrote the first newspaper column on hypnosis in Chicago and currently writes a regular article on hypnosis in a trade magazine called the Hypnosis Journal published by the NGH. He has written 100’s of articles on hypnosis and related areas of improvement. For the past twenty years he has also written a monthly community newsletter that has assisted in improving communities in Chicago with his writing and personal attention to declining neighborhoods.

Most of what Larry Garrett does with hypnosis is using hypnosis as tool to teach others the skills of self improvement. He has hypnotized many individuals, including celebrities, public officials and also has been hired by police departments to hypnotize witnesses with a loss of memory. He even hypnotized a murderer once that could not recall having killed someone without recalling the incident. There are few if any areas of hypnosis that Larry Garrett has not been involved in.

In 1987 when Chicago and the rest of the country was going non smoking, Larry was hired by Baxter Travenal, General Motors, R.R. Donnelly and many other large corporations to assist in making their corporations non smoking. He has received of many awards and certificates of appreciation from both community and hypnosis organizations. He is also the recipient of many special awards from his peers.

Presently Larry Garrett owns and operates one of the largest Hypnosis and Wellness Centers in Chicago. After 25 years in the same location, he designed and built a wellness center devoted to alternative methods of wellness with hypnosis as his primary method of improvement. He has been invited by many executives to hypnotize them for improvements hypnosis can assist with. He has even been invited by the former Government of Iraq twice to hypnotize the eldest son of Saddam Hussein, Uday for difficulty in walking after having been shot multiple times. It was determined by his medical team it was emotional and Larry Garrett was called to assist. Larry was very successful and wrote two books on his travels to Baghdad. His background in hypnosis is impeccable. Maybe a few people had not met their expectations, but he has never had one complaint brought against him for anything!

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