Hypnosis and Cancer,

Larry Garrett has the philosophy of needing to walk the talk in all areas of Hypnosis he teaches to others. He attempts to live what he shares, and when you meet Larry you will understand why he has been so successful teaching hypnosis to others. Larry uses self-hypnosis every day and used self-hypnosis during his healing time. Self-Hypnosis keeps the mind clear of negative thoughts.

As in other sections of this website he writes of having come from a background of anxiety and anxiety related health issues. There are many areas of wellness he has lived and knows well.

Larry was diagnosed with Cancer. A continual statement from his medical team was, “Because of his age it may be difficult to heal.”

Of course, if you know Larry, these were the wrong words to use with him. And if you don’t know him, he is not a person who feels anything in life is impossible and negative statements about us should never be listened to….. Never.  He feels we can accomplish anything with the right skills. Larry Garrett is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. He has practiced this philosophy for over 50 years, and he feels it is difficult for him to think negatively. When he was admitted to the hospital to go through 30 sessions of Radiation and Chemo 24/7, he said he was looking forward to it. When asked why, his reply was, “Because I will learn more of Cancer and begin my healing!” There is a great phrase you will learn of Cancer from Larry, “You can’t fight the cancer as you will lose, you need to know the cancer, then you will win.” He wanted to know the cancer as well as possible. By knowing it, he could learn how to heal himself and to teach others this skill. Later the medical staff at University of Chicago Oncology told him how impressed they were he healed so quickly. They also suggested to him when the COVID was over they would speak to him of assisting the medical staff in the areas of his expertise.

There is a great theory of you being okay and it will open the doors to the next chapter of your life being ok for you. The first phrase is, “Today is a coming attraction of tomorrow!” Each day we are like our computer putting information in and seldom cleaning out what is no longer needed. What do you have in your mind each day since you were born? Do you think positive today about your illness? If no, then tomorrow will be stronger of what you have thought of today. You can learn in the first session how to think positive and then it is just a matter of training yourself each day.  The mind is much like the body. If we exercise it each day and eat well, it gets stronger. Think positive of healing and tomorrow you may feel a little better. Collectively each day if you feel better many changes can occur. The other thought which really reinforces healing or illness is, “We become what we think of all day long!”  What do you think of all day long? If you have a serious disease such as Cancer what are your thoughts about it moment by moment? This is what Larry Garrett’s skills are about He has helped many through recovery of some of the worst illnesses and continues his journey with his firsthand experience of Cancer. If you have a health issue of some sort which seems to challenge you, call Sally his assistant. She can connect you to Larry. He might just have what you need. To be at ease with your illness.  Because when you are not at ease you are in dis-ease.

Speak to your physician or Oncologist about using hypnosis. Have them contact us if they wish. This is nothing related to the physical of your health issue only the emotional experiences you are having. The treatments and medicines you receive will be the same, the perception of what you are experiencing will change.  What are you feeling emotionally of your health and treatments? Is this good for you? When Larry had cancer, they told him it would take 1 to 2 years to be back to normal. Maybe we never go back to normal, but he was cancer free in 8 months.   Whatever you are being hypnotized for he feels his skills and Knowledge of hypnosis is the greatest factor in reducing the worry and stress which can aggravate any serious illness. The medical team told Larry, following instructions and having a positive attitude was critical in healing.  One of is most favorite phrases was, “If this is my worst day, I can deal with anything!” What do you say to yourself or others on your worst days?