Garrett Hypnosis is the oldest Hypnosis Center in Chicago

 Garrett Hypnosis and Wellness Center is the oldest hypnosis center in Chicago.

I began my training and career in hypnosis in 1968 and have been in full time practice since 1970. I have been dedicated to the well-being and improvement of all who walk in my door. I have never advertised and only through referrals and the Internet do I meet prospective clients. I promise you integrity and a positive result for whatever your goal may be. I often say, “I may not know everything, but after almost 50 years of full time practice I have been around the block a few times!” Most likely I have hypnotized more people than any other hypnotist in the Chicago area. I listen well to what is spoken as well as what is not spoken and offer excellent results to you.

The Garrett Hypnosis and Wellness Center is licensed and offers many areas of alternative improvement beyond Hypnosis including;  Massage, Rolfing (Zen Therapy), Reki, Psycho Therapy, Acupuncture,  Yoga classes, Qi gong classes, EFT Training, Certified Hypnosis Classes, Cranial Sacral,  and we also have eleven Certified Hypnotists to serve your needs.

Give me a call seldom will you get a voice mail.

The first Sunday of each month we meet to discuss many areas of self-improvement. We meet at 1:00 to 3:00 pm and you are welcome to join for whatever your interest are. There is no charge for these meetings. Often there are classes of self improvement following the meeting.

I look forward to meeting you and

I wish you well,

Larry Garrett