Mental Blocks

Do you ever wonder why when you begin to think of something that you immediately  forget? Well one reason may be that there is too much activity in your mind. Stress, worry and just the day’s events can crowd your mind. Like a cup that is over flowing, it can be difficult to find that thought or memory that you … Read More

Business Management

Business is the main ingredient of life for many. Your lively hood is your future! In business, we are all trying to make our mark. However, even though we may be the manager, we also have inside of us whoever we were conditioned to be. Often a person who was told that they would never make it in life and … Read More


Do you ever dream of having more confidence? Do you imagine the feeling of being able to do whatever you would want without the fear of failure? Hypnosis is an excellent way to feel more confidence with the least amount of effort. You can within a few short weeks begin to feel the confidence that you have in the past … Read More

Mental Focusing

In my many years of doing hypnosis I have learned that hypnosis can assist in focusing better than many other areas as it requires very little skill or motivation to improve your abilities to focus. When you are hypnotized you mind automatically begins to focus. That is the complete theory of hypnosis. Hypnosis is accomplished by teaching the person being … Read More