Garrett Hypnosis is the oldest Hypnosis Center in Chicago

 Garrett Hypnosis and Wellness Center is the oldest hypnosis center in Chicago. I began my training and career in hypnosis in 1968 and have been in full time practice since 1970. I have been dedicated to the well-being and improvement of all who walk in my door. I have never advertised and only through referrals and the Internet do I … Read More

So you want to quit smoking! Or do you?

“Of course” you say you want to, but if you dig deep inside, you will find a part of you equal to your motivation to quit or greater that does not want to quit smoking. Is it not a reality that we are in control and we can do what we want in most areas of life? Of course! Then … Read More

Hypnotic Age Regressions

Hypnotic Age Regression By Larry Garrett  Can we actually go back in time and recall events which occurred at an earlier time in our life with details—as though it were now?  Is there such a thing as a past life and if so can we visit that past life with detail and vivid recall? Can everyone be regressed to recall … Read More

Weight Loss With Hypnosis

  “Can Hypnosis be used for weight Loss?”   Since the very beginning of my career in hypnosis one of the earlier questions I would hear was, “Can you hypnotize me to lose weight?   I have become very involved in the workings of the mind and the effects of hypnosis. In no way am I implying I know it … Read More

Learning Self-Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis, the Link to the Mind! Published by Larry in Hypnosis The need to know hypnosis well is imperative to achieve the success that we fantasize. The success is there; we just need the right combination to enter into this new world for easy success. With the knowledge or skill to apply self-hypnosis properly, goals become reality. How did self-hypnosis start? Emile Coue’ … Read More

Learning to Relax

There have been many comments made that hypnosis is more of a relaxation then sleep. In some ways it can be. The reason is that when you relax with self hypnosis, the mind becomes so quiet that you let go of tension easier than sleep. A great example is that when you sleep, you dream and when you dream, you … Read More

Sleep well using hypnosis.

In my opinion the experience of hypnosis is in between the state of being awake and being asleep. Each evening when we fall asleep we pass through a feeling that is similar to hypnosis. The feeling is an experience of still having conscious thoughts and hearing something in another part of the house, but at the same time drifting away … Read More

Mental Blocks

Do you ever wonder why when you begin to think of something that you immediately  forget? Well one reason may be that there is too much activity in your mind. Stress, worry and just the day’s events can crowd your mind. Like a cup that is over flowing, it can be difficult to find that thought or memory that you … Read More

Business Management

Business is the main ingredient of life for many. Your lively hood is your future! In business, we are all trying to make our mark. However, even though we may be the manager, we also have inside of us whoever we were conditioned to be. Often a person who was told that they would never make it in life and … Read More