Hypnotic Age Regressions

Hypnotic Age Regression By Larry Garrett  Can we actually go back in time and recall events which occurred at an earlier time in our life with details—as though it were now?  Is there such a thing as a past life and if so can we visit that past life with detail and vivid recall? Can everyone be regressed to recall … Read More

Weight Loss With Hypnosis

  “Can Hypnosis be used for weight Loss?”   Since the very beginning of my career in hypnosis one of the earlier questions I would hear was, “Can you hypnotize me to lose weight?   I have become very involved in the workings of the mind and the effects of hypnosis. In no way am I implying I know it … Read More

Learning Self-Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis, the Link to the Mind! Published by Larry in Hypnosis The need to know hypnosis well is imperative to achieve the success that we fantasize. The success is there; we just need the right combination to enter into this new world for easy success. With the knowledge or skill to apply self-hypnosis properly, goals become reality. How did self-hypnosis start? Emile Coue’ … Read More