There are many practitioners at the Garrett Wellness Center and each Practitioner offers their own fees and philosophies.
The following information is for Larry Garrett only:

Following is a brief list of the many requests of my clients. If a client has a request in conflict with the guide lines of the National Guild of Hypnotists such as medical or psychological applications I alter the request to compliment the client’s needs and yet remain free of imposing on any licensed professional such as Dentists, Medical Doctors including MDs and DOs, Psychologists Chiropractors and any other licensed individuals! I work in conjunction with the client’s licensed caregiver to assist in improvement with the guidance of their caregiver.

A note for your future reference; Most of these professionals are readily available to offer their services, skills and sanctions and often oversee and/or supervise my sessions with each client. For any of the medical or psychological issues listed below have your caregiver contact me. If you don’t have a licensed caregiver I can refer you to practitioner.

Hypnosis in my opinion can be used whenever there is a conflict with the logic and emotions or the body and the mind.  The logic knows what to do, but the emotions or subconscious have other ideas. The list below is only a sample of the many areas I have hypnotized clients for. Each individual has a personal or unique goal. I attempt to address this personal goal in the most successful way I can. Seldom does a client leave not experiencing an improvement. I have most likely hypnotized more clients privately than any other in Chicago since 1970 full time practice.

Sound sensitivity, Smell sensitivity, Sensitivity or fears of needles, Blood work, Before and after Surgery, Medical checkups, Hospital visits Shyness of urinating in public, Concern of no restroom, Concerns of using public restrooms,  Previous injuries creating physical or emotional discomforts, Fears of falling,  Pregnancy or miscarriage, fears of falling asleep, Medically related titles such as: Conversion reactions, Reoccurring issues of body or health, Walking, fear of falling, Prostate issues such as cancer or enlarged, Menstrual cramps, Menopause, Dizziness, Nose picking, Drug withdrawal, Stroke, Perspiration, Scratching head, Face Picking, Knee pain, Inflammation, listening to the body, Skin issues, White blotches such as Vitiligo, Skin rashes, Stuttering,  Throat closing, Reducing speech accents, Tendinitis, ringing in the ears, Hand shaking (or tremors), Head shaking, Nervous ticks or spasms, Tissue memory, Bladder control ( I currently working in conjunction with a Urologist on a patient of his as an experiment of bladder control). Eyes issues, Wearing dentures, Denture gagging, Clenching teeth during the day, Grinding teeth at night, Headaches, Constipation, Digestive system, Sleeping better, Adult Thumb sucking, Cheek biting, Tongue  biting, Tongue burning, Twirling hair, Hair pulling (Trichotillomania), Eye lashes pulling, and eye brows pulling, General worries of life.

Relationship issues, Forgetting someone, Breaking up, Feeling attractive, Improving communications, Co-dependent, Low self-image, Forgetting a past lover, Feels ugly, Worries of a loved one, Not disappoint others, Being on time, Not affected by others, Procrastinating, Feeling passion in life, Law of attraction, Self-belief, Too much of a caregiver, Financial security, Feeling judged, Event Tomorrow creating stress, Confidence looking for a job, Looking for a new position of employment,  Interviewing for new position, Confidence on beginning new job, General confidence in your employment, New challenges or directions in business, Stress in business, Feeling a failure in business, Fear of failure, Fear of success, Confidence in sales, Motivation to get up, Motivation to go to work, Fear of getting fired, Corporate intimidation, Low energies, Trust, Feeling tight in life, Release childhood habits or conditioning, Concerned parent, Concern for a pet’s health or illness, Needs to give pet injections, Public speaking, Social confidence with opposite sex, Transgender confidence, Worries about minor issues in life, Your time in life to allow what you desire, Deposition or court coming up, Professional Exam coming up such as board or bar, Court reporter training and focusing, Student stress, Young person’s issues with parents, Teacher stress, Self-appreciation, General Self-image improvement, Sensitive or compassionate to others, Empathy,  Drinking behavior, Drinking alcohol to feel confident,  Concerns of contamination, Stress from other’s behavior, Low energy mentally, Spiritual improvement, Feeling sad or lonely,  Anger, Nail biting, Nose Snorting, Worries and many more topics.

Eats at work, Snacks in the evening, Wakes up in the middle of the night to eat, Eats only alone, Binges all day, Motivation to eat healthy, Motivation to exercise, Concern or fears of looking good, Needs to lose for health reasons, Eats too much at a sitting, Cutting down on Carbs and sweets, Eats out in restaurants mostly, Travels and lack control on eating, Sweets, Chocolate, Diet cokes, Too much pop of any kind, Snacks all day, Over eats on weekends only, Middle age eating, Metabolism slow, Social eating, Calories from drinking alcohol in the evening,  Works at home and picks, Fear they can’t lose weight, Feels extra weight is strength or protection,

Smokes only at home, Smokes only alone, No one knows they smoke, Smokes only when others smoke, Doesn’t inhale, Enjoys inhaling, Smokes only on weekends, Smokes only when drinking or out socially, Smokes all day, Smokes mostly when driving, Motivations to quit; Pregnant, health, family, money, low energy, social outcast, rejected, new baby, pets, Is a singer for voice. Plus many requests for Chewing tobacco, Snuff, Chewing Nicorette gum, Eliminating nicotine patches, Pipes, and Cigars, and Artificial or E-cigarettes.  

Larry recommends at least three sessions to maximize the benefits of hypnosis. Realize this is only a recommendation.
Please allow two hours for your first visit and approximately an hour and one half for subsequent visits.

First Appointment


Second Appointment


Third Appointment


Fourth + Appointlments


Regressions take approximately 3 plus hours: $300 with a recording.

CD recording of your hypnosis session: $15

We accept cash, checks, VISA or Mastercard. Gift certificates are available.

For further questions about hypnosis please refer to our booklet.