Garrett Hypnosis and Wellness Center, the longest active in Chicago! 

Welcome to the most well-known Alternative Wellness center in Chicago. The Garrett Wellness Center is the Icon of alternative wellness in Chicago. For over 50 years Larry Garrett has had a goal of having the patron of alternative wellness locate their desires in one convenient location. Most alternative procedures can be found here. At the Garrett Wellness Center.  We offer a variety of alternative wellness including, but not limited to, Massage of many kinds, Acupuncture, Reiki, Rolfing, Hypnosis, Qigong, Colon Therapy, Consulting and Psycho-therapy, EFT tapping, and many self-improvement classes. We also offer alternative methods of improvement for children.  You can even take classes from Arche Mediation school of consciousness by clicking on this link, We are proud of our practitioners and you can find their information on top under Therapists.

We offer sessions in English and other native languages. We also offer methods of learning new experiences of alternative well-being such as classes including: EFT, Self-Hypnosis, Consciousness, Hypnosis certification and Yoga as well as many different groups offering discussions with other like-minded individuals. We meet on the first Sunday of each month at 1:00PM, CST with different topics related to well-being. Join us during COVID on zoom. Email us to receive the zoom link. If we don’t have what you desire, we have a network of many alternative establishments we can connect you with.

For more information on the services click on practitioner’s section. Each therapist schedules their own appointments and responsible for their own scheduling. We have some of the best and most qualified practitioners in Chicago to serve you well. We are proud of our continued success. Do your research and you will be pleased with our reputation. I welcome you to call for more information. I am personally available for any questions you may have. If you are a practitioner, we offer the best of facilities for your clients/patients. We have over 4000 sq feet of the cleanest and most sanitized office space and even a large meeting room of a capacity of 40-45. Photos are available     .

We welcome you to compare our facility with any other and we know you will be satisfied.

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