Call us, you will seldom get a voice mail.

In today’s world seldom do we call a service without first reaching a voice mail. I feel hypnosis is a very personal experience for each individual and needs a personal answer, not a canned message. When you are ready to make this special call to a hypnosis center the last thing you wish to experience is a recording saying to you “We are not available. Please leave a message!” I forward my office calls to my cell phone and most likely you will reach me personally. It is as important to me that you reach me as it is to you that you hear a live voice.  Seldom will receive a recorded message and if you do most likely it is because I am with someone. If at all possible, I answer all calls. I am always close at hand and will call you back with a short time.

Even if you are not ready to make an appointment I will be there to speak with you personally. You may have many questions and need answers immediately. I will attempt to answer all of them. Hypnosis is something few know anything about and it would be great for you to speak to someone personally.

I welcome you to call me with any questions you may have.